5 tips on how to safely lose with your team this weekend.

von Alexander Pfeifer Monday, 29. March 2021 Express Tipps. 0 Kommentare

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1. Underestimate the enemy. The best thing to do when you arrive together is to talk about your last game won and say to yourself, "If we play the same game again, then the opponent has no chance."

2. Don't talk. Headphones on - Music on stop and just before the team meeting with reluctance to take off. Smalltalk tried to be as dismissive as possible by socially motivated teammates.

3. Speak negatively to yourself. f.e. "In high heat, I've never played well." or "If we don't score a goal right at the beginning, the opponent gets stronger and stronger." Displace thoughts like, "I know what I can do - concentrate on it!" - they would put you in a good mood.

4. Show your weaknesses. Show your opponent that as a team you didn't get the best day. Comment on all mistakes, loudly blame each other, and underline this with derogatory gestures. Positive coaching from your over-motivated captain is best fought off with: "What else is this going to bring today!" - also, you reinforce this with your head hanging and looking to the ground. In addition, the constant view to the ground helps you, so that you can immediately recognize bumps on the lawn and avoid stumbling.

5. Concentrate on individual actions. Only the best will prevail. Take full risk anytime and anywhere on the playing field. The selection coach only takes the players with the best tricks and most beautiful goals. When a teammate scores a goal, think: "Hopefully he doesn't score another one, otherwise it won't be anything with my team call-up." In any case, avoid too warm clapping and appreciative words towards the scorer.

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